Thursday, June 11, 2009

*Waahila Ridge*

Shasta and I decided we’d give the kids a shot at hiking...

Up Saint Louis Drive and at the end of Ruth Road, Waahila hiking trail begins under beautiful Norfolk pine trees. The shade, however, is short lived as the trail winds in and out of brush.
Hurley and Ezekiel were eager to climb down the rocks and get dirty. Sugar on the other hand took some time getting used to the outdoors. I opted to stay ahead with the boys while Shas and Sugar hiked at a moderate pace. The boys hiked further without a care in the world. As the inclines and descents got steeper the boys seemed to get happier, enjoying the challenge of the terrain. I on the other hand could only think about the complaining I’d hear on the way out. Just over an hour later we reached the end. Still full of energy, Hurely and Ezekiel, laughed and played.
Ezekiel’s desire to “touch the clouds” kept us hiking pass the “End of Maintained Trail” sign. (Not bad for a 5 year old!) We hiked for another 30 minutes or so, using the ropes to climb the mud hills, when I realized the path was getting narrower and steeper. A few hikers were on their return so I chatted with them regarding the severity of the hike. Taking their words of advice we turned around and decided that hiking to Mt. Olypmus would have to wait a few more years. (Little did I know it is the highest peak of the Ko`olau Range!) Although disappointed about not being able to “touch the clouds,” Hurley and Ezekiel ran, climbed, hopped, skipped and jumped their way out of Waahila Ridge. To my surprise there was absolutely no complaining.

As we waited for Shasta and Sugar to finish, we sword fighted and played hide and go seek. If I thought hiking over three hours tired out a 5 and 7 year old, I was wrong.
Needless to say, Shasta and I were extremely impressed and can't wait to take the kids hiking again

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