Monday, June 29, 2009

Hauula Loop

Shasta, Leesa and I decided to check out Hauula Loop. Rated a "novice" hike we figured the loop would be a nice stroll...
Immediately we crossed Waipilopilo Gulch, and walked through some hau forcing us to bend our heads to miss the over hanging branches. The trail continued up numerous switchbacks which made for a pretty good cardio workout. Along the way the thick layer of fallen needles from the norfolk pines made the ground “spongy” and prevented any view until we reached the top. There we got to see the beautiful Kaipapa`u Gulch, but nothing else. We descended expecting to see a view of Hauula. Further and further we hiked, but still no sight. Knowing we had probably missed a side trail or bypassed a “lookout” area, we decided to backtrack and sure enough came across a gorgeous view of La'ie point. We ran out and in 90 minutes completed the 2.5 mile hike. 

Directions: Turn onto Hauula Homestead Rd. When the road curves drive straight onto Maakua Homestead Road, and park near the gate. The trailhead is just past it.

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