Monday, June 15, 2009

Haiku Stairs

We planned to climb those dreaded stairs, then ones I swore I would never hike again. Nervous about the memories that lingered in my head from some nine years ago, Shasta and I headed to Haiku Stairs around 9:00. However, we didn’t actually start hiking until noon and lucky us, we got to hike when the sun was at its hottest. 
Immediately noticeable was the great condition of the stairs. No rust, no missing steps and no rope section! 
the hike to the first platform was brutal! I don’t recall the hike being so strenuous probably because all I could think about at the time was the height. We definitely took a long break and enjoyed the view. Ascending to the second and third platform was easier than the first, but not easy by far. With the satellite in view and knowing that the end was near, we climbed higher. Relieved to finally be at the summit, we sat in awe of the beauty and snapped away.
Being some 2,800 ft in the air, it soon got cold and we made our way down. To my surprise I was able to descend forward and the height did not bother me. I actually had a fun time using my arms to “glide” down the stairs and was able to make it down in half the time it took to go up.
Two hours and fifteen minutes and 3,922 steps later the hike was over. It was not my first time up the stairs and it definitely won’t be my last.

Is that the same rope from 9 years ago?

Notice the trail all the way up...

Photo: Shasta Chung

On the way up is a beautiful pocket view of Pearl Harbor.

Chinaman's Hat

Home Sweet Home

Kailua and Waimanalo

The descent

Photo: Shasta Chung
Photo: Shasta Chung

The satellite from Kaneohe

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