Thursday, June 25, 2009

Manoa Falls

Shasta and I had lunch at Bale today. While there a police officer took it upon himself to strike up a conversation. I guess by the way we were dressed he knew we were going hiking so of course he asked where and made some small talk. He told us about Manoa Falls and advised us to jump off the second ledge. We smiled and left with our lunch.

On our drive to the end of Manoa Road it started drizzling which made the trail even more muddy and slippery than it already was. The parking lot was muddy for goodness sake! Luckily the trail was flat because if there were any inclines I have no idea how we would have made it up. On the contrary, it was completely aggravating having to walk slowly as to not splat mud all over ourselves or slip and fall. In addition there were numerous people on their return trek and even a guided tourist group with walking sticks. Not really my idea of a hike, but...
The stroll through the bamboo forest and lush greenary was lovely. Of course at the end the 150 ft waterfall cascaded beautifully into a shallow and small pool. 

On a side note, we wondered what the heck the police officer was talking about because 1) there was no second ledge and 2) even if there was a ledge the pool was way too shallow to jump into! Maybe he meant Maunawili Falls?

We took a few pictures but weren't really impressed. I guess the 20 minute walk to and fro is worth it if you've never seen the falls but if you're looking for a hike I do not recommend it. If you are looking for a walk, the half mile "novice" trail won't disappoint. 

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