Friday, June 26, 2009

Mariner's Ridge

It was a pretty nice day so Shasta and I headed out to Mariner's Ridge.

Initially starting with a series of switchbacks Mariner's open trail was hot and dry. However, a short while later it became forested with strawberry guava and then ironwood and pine. The tree coverage and breeze definitely helped keep us cool and made the hike very pleasurable. The trail continued up a pretty steep rocky and rooty section that for sure got us working up a sweat but as elevation was reached beautiful views of Koko Crater and Hawaii Kai came into full view. The incline snaked through more pine finally ending with an open panoramic view of the windward side. Shasta and I could see all the way from Chinaman’s Hat to Waimanalo. The Olomana peaks which we've heard so much about protruded sharply. We definitely enjoyed the gorgeous view while we rested. Knowing the descent was pretty much all downhill we ran our way out and finished in under an hour. 

I was surprised by the beautiful sights Mariner's Ridge provided especially since it is short and relatively easy. It is a pretty fun hike that I highly recommend.

Directions: From Hawaii Kai Drive turn left onto Kaluanui Road (the left immediately after the Post Office) and continue driving up to the end of the road. At the dead end you will see the trailhead.

Koko Crater


Chinaman's Hat

Since our first hike to Mariner's we have done it many times to get a good workout. If you run in and out, you can complete it in about 30 minutes.

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