Saturday, January 9, 2010

Haiku Stairs

First hike of the new year..
With a group of 12 our efforts to start at 5:00 did not happen. At about 6:15 we finally reached the trailhead and began to climb the stairs. Although this was my fourth time climbing the stairs I was excited to watch the sunrise from up top. I knew there was a slim chance that we'd make it in time but my hopes soon diminished because there were just too many hikers. (In addition to the 12 of us, there were at least 20 others on the stairs.) We finally made it to the satellite but cloud coverage meant there was no sunrise and absolutely no view. Descending was probably the longest and worst I have ever seen. It took over an hour to get to the bottom.  
Great company means it was still fun and as always a great workout, but I'm never hiking Stairway to Heaven on the weekend again!

The Crew: 
Beimes, Vince, Vance, Cara, Kingston, Waylon, Jen, and Me



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