Monday, January 18, 2010

Lanikai Pillbox Sunrise

Never did the Lanikai Pillboxes so we thought it would be nice to watch the sunrise from the bunker. Being a holiday, lots of people had the same great idea. Some teenagers even thought it would be nice to blast Disney music while we waited. The ridiculous Hakuna Matata, interrupting the peaceful morning I had in mind, definitely tested my patience.
At about 7:00 yellow crept over the horizon. What we thought were clouds kept the sun from striking against the blue ocean. Knowing the rise was going to be a “forgettable” one we left Hakuna Matata and ran out.
Luckily, Justin stopped and turned to look at the ocean. There we saw bright orange rays peaking over...Molokai! We quickly took out our cameras and tried to get a decent shot.


Clouds or Molokai?

The “forgettable” sunrise turned out to be a memorable one after all...

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