Sunday, January 31, 2010

Makapuu Moon Rise

Supposedly the largest full moon of 2010 was on Friday, January 29. Unable to make it that day, Justin and I decided to watch the moon rise on Sunday. Although it was cloudy and there were on and off again showers, we hiked to Makapuu still hoping to see a beautiful moon. The rise was scheduled for 8:23.
Getting to the top at 8:00 we played with the camera settings and functions trying to figure out which would best. As we finished taking some photos of Waimanalo, I noticed an orange glow on the horizon. We walked around the gated platform and sat on some rocks trying to get a better view of the moon rise. Just when we were about to get the money shot, the camera died. I desperately removed the batteries hoping to get ONE picture! No such luck!
So we sat there, taking in the spectacular view, and it was actually nice NOT trying to capture it from behind a lens. 
Thinking about it, there was no need for a picture because that moon rise is one I’ll never forget.

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