Friday, January 29, 2010

Lanipo III

Lorenzo came back to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. I couldn't possibly let another decade pass before he got to see what we should have seen some 12 years ago.
Lorenzo, Joe, BK, DZ, and I started our trek at 9:30. Besides the vog, the weather conditions were great. We trudged (actually I trudged and Lorenzo glided) along the ridges. Although I did Lanipo twice last year, it didn't seem any easier. Up the final incline to the summit we hiked, and no clouds meant no white. At the peak we could see the east side of the island from Kualoa to Waimanalo. We enjoyed the view and as fate would have it, clouds from the south side made there way over the Koolau. Our hike to Lanipo would not have been complete without a trek through some white. The boys had fun braiding headbands and painting themselves with dirt. They even came up with some type of "caveman" language. It definitely kept our spirits up as we couldn't wait to complete the hike. When we finally finished, we sat and lay sprawled out on someone's lawn. DZ moved to find a more comfortable spot and that's when it hit us. He actually stepped in some dog sh*t. Pretty hilarious! Not so funny was the nice aroma he unsealed. DZ kindly used the home owner's hose to wash off the poop before we cheered to a drink. Beer never tasted so good.

DZ, BK, Lorenzo, Joe, and Me

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  1. We all owe you a great deal of thanks for taking us on this epic hike. It's one adventure that made our trip truly memorable with breath taking views of Oahu's majestic landscaping. Till my next visit home, I'll be looking forward to our next HI Life adventure!