Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maunawili Falls

Starting a new tradition...
Vance thought it would be a cool to do a hike on New Year’s Eve so we opted for Maunawili Falls because it is short and sweet. (Sweet since it only takes about 20 minutes to get to because we know a shortcut.)
I hadn’t been to the falls in years so I was excited to play in some mountain water. We leisurely walked and exited the shortcut path turning right onto the main trail. Immediately we passed a group of hikers leaving, and as we strolled further in passed more. I was shocked to see so many people as I recall being the only group of “swimmers” at the falls in the past. We finally reached the falls after some mud and back tracking (we turned right on a side trail when we should have hiked straight up the river bed). Filled to its capacity, were some 20 or so people standing, sitting, jumping and swimming. Super bummed about the newfound (or maybe just news to me) popularity of the hike, I sat and waited while Vance took a dip and jumped off the side. We didn’t stay long and headed back.
Although "crowds" are the complete opposite of my definition of hiking (which is why I took no pictures), it was definitely a nice way to enjoy the last day of 2009 and is the start to a new tradition...

September 1998

The good 'ol days.

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