Thursday, April 22, 2010

Waikapala`e Wet Cave

After Sleeping Giant we headed to Waikapalae Wet Cave aka the Blue Room. About a 100 feet wide and 20 feet high, this particular cave has an unusual effect giving it its nickname the Blue Room. Towards the back-right of the main cave is an opening into another, smaller room accessible only by swimming.  The sunlight reflecting off the freshwater makes everything in the room turn blue, hence the name, Blue Room. 

Unfortunately, today it was cloudy so there was no sunlight to create the blue effect. The water lever was also unusually low, the lowest Tiff and Jaxon had ever seen. Although pretty bummed, I still had to take a dip. I promised myself after Jackass Ginger that as long as it was safe I’d get in any freshwater pond I went to. Maybe it was my head, but the water felt exceptionally cold. It didn’t help that no on else wanted to swim. I could not stay submerged longer than a minute so we quickly took pictures and left to sight see the rest of Hanalei.

After some research I learned that the cave was formed when the much higher ocean etched away at the lava rock creating the cave. The water in the wet cave comes from underground springs that eventually feed into the ocean.

Blue Room

Wooden Bridge

Hanalei Taro Fields

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