Thursday, April 22, 2010


Kauai is just beautiful. Literally gorgeous. Breathtaking.

I flew in on Thursday, and Jaxon, Tiff and I went straight to the Nounou better known as the Sleeping Giant. Basically consisting of a serious of switch backs we would have made it to the lookout in a jiffy, but confused by the downward path we turned around and headed left although the warning sign clearly pointed right. Now on the “old” path we found ourselves rock climbing and using the trees to pull ourselves up. Once again I told myself that if we made it to the group of trees just above it would meet up with the main trail. Sure enough after some sketchy hiking we were back on the established path. However, Jaxon hung over, dehydrated and about to pass out started puking on the side of the mountain. Pretty hilarious stuff considering the smack he was talking before the hike. 
“You’re never gonna talk shit about hikers again, yah?!” I told him.
“Nope,” he replied.
I smiled as I took pictures of his misery.
Jaxon continued up the mountain complaining the entire way and after another 10 minutes had enough.
Tiff and I ventured on and were at the lookout in less than 5 minutes. We took pictures and yelled for Jaxon but to no avail.
We worked our way down and what should have taken but an hour took two! TWO hours to complete an easy rated 3 mile hike!!! 

Should've listened to the sign..."For you safety stay on the established trail"

Left trail

"King Kong" in the distance

Directions: Heading north towards Kapa`a, turn left onto Hakelilio Road. As the road bends left, a small paved parking lot will appear on the right along with the state trailhead sign.

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