Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jackass Ginger

With a tsunami warning and sirens blaring Shasta put it best, “Only in Hawaii Lori and Beimes go hiking.” 

Yes, under a potential natural disaster Beimes and I still left to Jackass Ginger Pool. We don’t live in the coastal area and weren’t headed towards it, plus everything was closed so we figured why cancel our hike? Anyone who has done Jackass Ginger knows it really isn’t a hike but simply a 10 minute stroll through bamboo and eucalyptus. The hardest part was making sure we went the right way. At one point the trail split into four but we just followed the stream. We got to the pool so fast, at first, we weren’t sure it was Jackass Ginger. The water was flowing nicely but it looked icky especially with an empty Mickey's bottle bobbing around so we took a bunch of pictures while we debated whether or not to jump in.

Beimes decided to go for it and used the rope to swing in. A little later a bunch of kids from the area came and "worked" the pool. They swung and jumped in carelessly, and slid down a portion of the rocks we would've never known about. Finally, I got the courage to get in. Unlike Waimano Pools the jump didn’t bother me but the anticipation of submerging in freezing mountain water sure did. It was chilling but definitely worth the cold. Of course we tried the slide too and it was fun but a bit harsh on the tailbone.

After some playing we began our way out. Looking across the stream it seemed that just above the adjacent hill was the road. We decided to give it a shot and sure enough the road was right there. We found the shortcut! 

Jackass Ginger is a pretty fantastic place. No crowd, easy access, and the swinging, jumping and sliding make it one of the funnest pools I’ve been to. 

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