Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moanalua Middle Ridge to Haiku Stairs

It has been a long time since I have been on a long hike...
Trekking up Moanalua Middle Ridge along Keahi a Kahoe to the top of Haiku Stairs brought back memories and I am reminded why I love hiking. The lush green, the cool breeze, the exciting walk across a ridge, the unforgettable views, and that tingling feeling in your legs long after you have left the mountain--all I will miss.

Starting in Moanalua Valley, Tiff and I began our hike at around 11:00 am. Originally we planned to leave at 9:00 but after a night of drinking with old neighborhood friends, we decided to sleep in. We jogged part of the 3 mile road to the trail head located about 10 feet after the Kulanaahane Trail state sign. The path was clearly marked and we crossed the stream. The trek up the Middle Ridge was tiresome and I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath. We passed a few hunters with their dogs and continued the strenuous journey. When will this end? I thought. 

After an hour of agony we finally emerged on the ridge. Sights of Pearl Harbor and Moanalua valley came into view. A few rope sections added excitement to the trek and another hour later we were at the Middle Ridge.


Although extremely muddy the anticipation of the infamous satellite coming into view was almost unbearable. The adrenaline made it easy to push through Keahi a Kahoe's thick vegetation and before we knew it sounds of cars driving on the H3 and Likelike could be heard.


A little later, there it was...THE satellite. We made it! The clouds nor wind nor rain dampened our spirits!


As I descended the stairs, I reflected on how beautiful and precious Hawaii is. I am so grateful and fortunate to experience Hawaii in ways many will never know, and I can only hope that all who enjoy hiking as much as I do will take care of the trails for future generations to enjoy.


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