Monday, June 4, 2012

*Likeke Falls*

Knowing we have less than two months left on this beautiful island, I have made it a priority to explore as much of Hawaii as possible. Today, Ezekiel, Zephen and I started our hike to Likeke Falls via the Old Pali Road. Although Likeke Falls is accessible from the Koolau Golf Course, for as long as I can remember I have gazed at the old road, and like my sons have wondered what lurked beyond the graffiti. To our delight the Old Pali Road is in decent condition and even better, provides a new perspective of Pali Highway.

Due to years of commuting on the Pali I knew the junction to take to get below the highway. (If one is unfamiliar with the area, a good landmark is a pile of boulders to the right where the sharp path will be to the left. Further down is the Maunawili Trail sign.) We walked under using the wooden step stool but were careful as it was rotting and unsteady. The boys and I should have continued straight under the town bound lane and back onto Old Pali Road but instead followed some marked trees down the gulch located to the right. Soon it was obvious that we had gone the wrong way. 

We back tracked onto the road and meandered downhill. At one point the road curved left with a noticeable trail to the right labeled “7”. Although curious about the path, we remained on the road.

Around the next bend the trek opened to a clearing as it joined with Auloa Road. We looked left for the cement easement and utility pole, both of which were quite obvious. 

Zeke, Zeph and I continued along the steps behind it up a short series of swtich backs ending at a four-way junction.

From there we headed straight (on the middle path) where it turned left and descended the mountain's other side. The boys and I continued past a gulch of kukui trees, and the path split again. we took the left trail through a tunnel of hau trees.

A small portion of the path became muddy due to trickling streams trying to make their way down hill, and just after we reached the refreshing Likeke Falls.

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