Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tarp Surfing


Zeke turned 7 and I figured it was time to buy him a complete. A real skateboard, not one from Walmart or already put together, but one where HE picked out his deck, trucks, wheels, and even screws. I was pleased when at APB we found a green Element-mini, Speed Demon trucks and wheels, and Lucky Hardware (7 black screws and 1 green one).
He was so stoked he rode it the minute we left the store.
After calling just about everywhere to find the largest blue tarp on the island we headed to Home Depot and got a monster 40 by 60.
I decided not to have a party for Zeke, well not a huge party but more of a small get together with his cousins to keep the cost down...
$250 Complete Head to Toe:
Skateboard, Backpack, Hat, Shirt, Shorts, and Shoes on order
$175 Blue Tarp
$45  Pizza
$15  Drinks
$25  Goodie Bags
Total: $500ish
So much for saving money for our Disney and Vegas trip. 
Five hundred dollars for a day of tarp surfing and swimming at the pool! Kind of ridiculous when I think about it, but seeing the kids faces and knowing it’ll be one of those memories they’ll tell to their children made today all worth it.   
On the other hand, getting the tarp to cooperate was a bit tricky. Depending on the wind we pulled either diagonal of straight. Majority of the time three of us pulled to create the largest, nicest wave. The wind was so strong it was next to impossible to pull the tarp alone. 
Just as I finished getting some pretty cool shots of the kids it started to rain so I borrowed what little clips my 8 year old niece took with my brother’s 4g. The HD sucks or something.
Regardless everyone had a blast and we're definitely going tarp surfing next weekend.

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  1. This is still amazing Lor...I love being able to see everyone's pictures and see how young they were just a couple of years ago. This generation will never understand how very lucky they are to have all these technologies to capture moments that we could only keep in our minds growing up.