Friday, August 20, 2010

Pali Notches and Beyond

It’s been a while since our last hike and it’s feels like forever since I’ve seen Beimes. 
To back track, Beimes came across this blog: Hiking on Oahu with Martyna and Allegra, and we soon realized that hiking beyond the second notch is possible. The first time we did the Pali Notches we did not go past the first one so going beyond the second one was definitely on our list of things to do. Thus it was decided upon as the first hike of my new school year. Thank goodness for Statehood Day. 
Today was beautiful. The entire Koolau Mountain range was clear and Konahuanui was visible. It was a great day to do the notches.
Or so we thought...
No clouds meant that the winds were strong, in fact blustering. Beimes’s hat blew off, on several occasions we were literally pushed aside, and on our ascent back up the second notch the rope fluttered in the wind. I have never, ever seen rope fly in the wind as I did today. Needless to say the hike beyond the second notch was unnerving and challenged my fear of heights. It’s never the sheer ridge-lines that get to me, it’s that damn rock climbing and in this case rock descending. The wind did not help as I inched my way down the second notch. I clearly remember thinking, What the hell did I get myself into and at the same time You can do this, you’ve done worse. Slowly but surely I finally made my way down thanks to Beimes aiding me. 
The trek beyond the second notch wasn’t nearly as terrifying until we reached the knob. I decided to ascend it while Beimes tried to go around it’s base, but because both of us knew that today wasn’t the day we wanted to die we sat atop satisfied and called it a day. We could see a white tank hanging from a branch on the vertical ledge marking someone’s conquered feat. I wonder if anyone has gone farther and actually made it all the way to Konahuanui. What a story that must be.
I think I’m pretty much done exploring the Pali Notches. If I ever attempt to make it to K1 I’d have to go all the way because there is no way I could descend that insane ledge, but who knows what else the hike beyond entails. I personally don’t think the risks outweigh the experience so I’ll wait for someone else to post their incredible accomplishment and live vicariously through them.

Venturing beyond the second notch was fun. I can't wait for our next hike which I hope is soon, and secretly wish for some furloughs.


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