Friday, March 19, 2010

Puu Maelieli

The past couple of weeks we’ve done some pretty long hikes so Beimes and I decided on Puu Maelieli. A short and relatively easy hike, Puu Maelieli concludes at the bunkers facing Kaneohe Bay providing gorgeous views of the windward side.

Today was no different, and after some walking and head ducking we made it to the first bunker. We continued the short distance to the second bunker and WOW. I clearly remember saying, “Wow!” 
Kaneohe Bay in its entirety...
The teals and turquoise and sapphires, Kualoa, Chinaman’s Hat, Home-sweet-home, and even Rabbit Island.
Talk about phenomenal!!! 
I could have sat there for days admiring the view. It was and is undoubtedly why I love living in Kaneohe!
After many pictures we headed out. Hoping to find an easier route or the one that Beimes remembered as a child we opted for a different path as our descent. We did find a shortcut and realized you can pretty much take any one of the turns off of Hui Iwa Street because there are multiple ways to get to the bunkers, most of which are visible from the main road.
I didn’t realize how well trotted Kahaluu is. Beimes said that as a child he hiked to many waterfalls right in his backyard. There is an actual trail exiting his property!  I can’t wait to machete and mark some of the overgrown paths behind his house. Hopefully I’ll get see the waterfalls he did as a child and maybe even more.

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