Friday, March 12, 2010

Makapuu Tom Tom

Last weekend was the first time we’ve been able to go to the beach in months. Finally free from sports, activities and appointments, and at last beautiful weather the boys and I headed to our favorite beach: Cockaroach Bay. While we were having fun swimming, playing, and catching fish I noticed a puka in the ridge.


Beimes and Justin had seen the puka before too, so we decided to do it. Although most start the hike from Makapuu Lookout we chose to ascend the Tom Tom trail first and end at the lookout. The initial climb was killer. My calves and quads were burning and I was definitely holding up the group. Never again will I do lunges at the gym a couple of days before a hike. After thirty minutes of much huffing and puffing I finally reached the top. The view, of course, was beautiful and we could see all the way to Kualoa.

An optimist, I hoped the rest of the hike along the ridge would be rather flat. Lucky me, the exact opposite was the case. We trekked up and down, and back up and back down, again and again. However, the entire time there were gorgeous views to be admired. To the left was Waimanalo and to our right Hawaii Kai. Beyond each peak there was something new to see. We even got to check out the hang gliding station. You know from below hang gliding looks so relaxing, but from the take flight point I got another perspective: running and jumping off the side of a mountain doesn't seem so carefree. It still looks pretty fun though, and some day I am going to try it.

We descended another ridge and climbed the next. With Sea Life Park in view we knew the puka was near. Carefully we looked at each rock face not wanting to miss it after coming so far. A while later Beimes spotted the puka and we couldn't wait to take pictures with it. At first I was very adamant about not climbing into the hole but decided to get in after all. I’m glad I did and realize the more we hike the easier it is to do things I never imagined.
Up the final ridge we trekked, and back down to the finish line. I was never so glad to see Makapuu Lookout. The thought of four miles didn’t seem long but it took us a little under four hours to complete! Taking much longer than we anticipated we knew cooling off at the Makapuu Lighthouse tide pools would have to wait another day. Instead, we rewarded ourselves with some refreshing shave ice.
We were definitely fortunate that today the cloud coverage and trades kept us cool. On a clearer day the hike is probably a scorcher! Although drained, pretty scratched up from all the shrubbery and having fallen three times, Makapuu’s stunning views were well worth our time and effort.

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