Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Haiku Stairs

Once again I don't know the exact date, but either in 2000 or 2001, Chad, George and I hiked Haiku Stairs. We hiked the stairs before they were repaired which meant there were holes in the railings, steps missing, and a complete portion of the stairs missing. However, this also meant that few people hiked the stairs so it was easy to get to the trail head. 
We walked through the dirt boarding mounds (there was no fence at the time) and started the climb. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and soon enough faced the challenge of using a rope to pull myself up over a portion of missing steps. It definitely crossed my mind to turn around, but with my pride at stake I kept going. That wasn't the only obstacle of the hike. The steep incline, narrow steps, and rusty rails made the hike long and difficult. I was relieved to reach the first platform, and hoped that the end wasn't much farther. We reached the second and then third platform. At several points in between I swore, "I am never doing this hike again!" We finally reached the top. The view was breath taking: Kaneohe Bay against the Koolau was and still is by far the most beautiful sight to be seen.
After a nice break, we started out descent. If I thought going up was scary I was completely wrong. Coming down the stairs staring at the ground that was too far away definitely tested my fear of heights. I had to turn around at some points and descend backwards. I was never so grateful to walk on flat ground.
I am not sure how long we took to hike the stairs but after a few days I couldn't wait to hike again.
Never say never...

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