Friday, June 11, 2010

*Maunawili Falls*

Today Zeke, Zeph and I took the shortcut to Maunawili Falls. 
Let me begin by saying this shortcut is the only reason I continue to go there. If we had to walk for over an hour to see what it has become I wouldn't go back. The falls will never be what I remember them as: secluded and serene. On any given day, be it a week day or holiday, the pool is stuffed with a minimum of 20 people. You can't even get a shot of the falls without some stranger in it!
But since it takes about 20 minutes to get to and the boys have never been there, I decided it wouldn't be so bad to let them experience their first waterfall.

The cold nor the crowd deterred them from having a wonderful time. While Zeph jumped from rock to rock, Zeke was brave enough to swim across the pool to the waterfall all by himself. It was awesome to see the two of them having so much fun!


  1. Where is the shortcut? Is it down a different entrance?

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