Saturday, May 29, 2010

*Lanikai Pillbox*

Schools out and summer’s here!!! What better way to spend our days than hiking.
Today all of us, Zeke, Zeph, my niece: Cherysee, Grandma, and I went hiking. I decided to take the kids on the Lanikai Pillbox Trail. I’ve only done it once--in the dark--but from what I remember it’s short and relatively easy. We didn’t get on the trail until about 1:00 so of course the sun was at its peak. I’m not complaining though because after this extra long, wet and cold winter it felt good to be outdoor.
The trail was nothing the boys couldn’t handle. They had fun using the ropes which weren’t necessary. If they had their way they would have ran up most of the trail, but with cousin and Grandma not as conditioned we had to take numerous breaks. They still walked at a brisk pace, tried to sneak in a few spurts of runs, and in fact kept up with a couple of Punahou students. It was quite funny to see the “Oh hell no these two little kids aren’t going to beat us to the top,” look on their faces each time they turned around to check on us through their 80’s style sunglasses. I’m pretty sure if we didn’t have to wait for Cherysse and Grandma we would’ve smoked them.
We made it to the first bunker in no time, maybe 20 minutes. As we waited the boys played and Zeph gave me numerous heart attacks. He jumped from the trail to ledge alongside the bunker. He really has no fear but add in the fact that as a four year old he does not grasp the concept of falling off a cliff, and you’ll get a boy playing, teeter-tottering, and jumping right as if on flat ground!
Grandma and Cherysse finally made it, but grandma wasn’t feeling so well. She decided to stay at the first bunker while I took the kids to the second. If you ever go to the Pillboxes you don’t want to miss the view at the second bunker. You can see from Kaneohe to Waimanalo. Plus it’s only a couple of minutes away. At the second bunker when I was just about to help the boys get up, Zeke stood on the adjacent rock, jumped and stepped up with ease. Before I could even stop Zeph he followed in his older brother’s footsteps. I had but a split second to think about him missing, falling back, and hitting his head on the rock, or knocking out his two front teeth. Of course that didn’t happen and he popped onto the bunker like nothing. I did, however, have to help my eight year old niece get up. Grandma even joined us at the second bunker after her rest. Hooray Grandma!
We enjoyed the view for a few more moments and headed out. Going out was a lot more fun than the trek in since the boys ran and slid down most of the parts.

It's going to be a great summer...

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