Friday, November 6, 2009


Kuliouou, known for its spectacular views, is a 5 mile roundtrip hike that reaches an elevation of 2000 ft. Popular and well maintained, Shasta and I made sure we turned right at the state sign. From research we knew not to head straight because that is Kuliouou Valley.

I don’t remember much of Kuliouou except that immediately there were a series of switchbacks. The trail then eased into an open forest of pine and norfolk trees after which the vegetation turned to uluhe and ohia. The final ascend to the Koolau summit was muddy and in deed a workout but before we knew it we were looking at the east side. The view, similar to Mariner’s, extends from Kualoa to Waimanalo. I never get tired of seeing the lush green pressed against the vibrant blue and still consider it the most gorgeous sight on our island.
We took a nice break and ran our way out. One hour in and 30 minutes out makes Kuliouou a relatively easy hike with lovely views.

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